Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleep in mama's bed

This was for a challenge to try the new format 6x12 or 12x6
So, this started out as a 12x12 that just didn't look good. I cropped it down, rearranged a bunch of stuff, added some of my Robo-cut doodles and voilá!
Doodled tag is also from my shop.

Journaling in english:
You started sleeping in my bed already as a baby and not until you wer 5 yo did you move to your own bed. Still at 10 you sometimes sleep in my bed and I love to listen to you breathing in the middle of the night.

The kids are both home sick today and I have been working hard on a whole lot of new stuff for my store.
Also, got a mail that my new set of stamps will be shipping tonight!! Soooo exited!!!
Will have to prepare the store and all that....
Interested, but don't understand a thing in that store? E-mail me at peterlina(a)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just think what time does

I scrapped!!! YAY!
I liked the blue on my wastebin so I decided to use the same color for a layout. And on SiS I got a challenge to use something from my stash that's OLD. ANd the oldest I could find was the pink PP so that was a given.
I crocheted a flower and the frills are "frills by Peterlina" :D
Will be available in my little shop as soon as the little rascal goes back to daycare... yes... he's got a cold. Of course.
That is also the time the shop will turn english... Be patient. :D Cause next week new stamps are coming in!

Well, here it is.

Journaling in english:
I remember thinking you looked so big in this pic. That my little girl could look so big. But just think what time does to things, cause today I think you look so small here. Cause now you ARE big. Right? In ten years I'll probably look at todays photos and think that you looked so small. On the other hand, you will always be my little girl.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, my scrapinspiration is all gone. Nothing at all happens here. Well, nothing scrappy at least. But I made this little wastebin for throwing little paperpieces in at crops. Perfectly folds to fit in my little bag (cause, yes I only need a small bag. I'm a light scrapper :D)
Thinking of perfecting the little sucker and sell some in my Etsyshop... let's see... what else could I sell there?

Here it is. :) It's felt and stands on its own without paperbacking or anything. Gotta love felt.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Made this about a week ago. I'm trying out my new stamps (doodles) that will be landing in the shop in a couple of weeks. (Waiting for a more specific shippingdate)
Oh, forgot - this LO was picked by one of the fashionistas at Sis for the Catwalk this week! Can you say EXITING???

Besides that we're starting daycare again. With all the 1-2 hourvisits in the beginnng.
This is a new place, just a couple of blocks from here, and it's soooo much better than the old place!
Next week I'm hoping for a few more hours there for Samuel so that I can do some work. Like translating the shop into english and non-swedish prices! :D
Just in case somebody outside of our little country would like to buy something.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is a layout that I made for a Swedish blog about my creative process. It was published yesterday so now I can show my little Layout. In case you can read swedish or in case you're just real nosy then the link to the community where the blog is is right here.

So, this is the layout then.

Journaling in english:
No matter how strange this might sound, so when you're gone, it's almost hard to remember the whole you. The way you are, the way you look, the way you talk. It's almost like a blur. Good thing I have ways to remember you until you are home again.

Yes, my daughter leaves me every year for a vacation with her dad to go visit grandma and all the cousins outside of San Francisco. So, that's really what this is all about. I don't forget what she looks like when she goes to school and such! HAHA!

On another fun note, My layout about coffee below was picked as a featured layout on CKs website! How cool is that???
I might add - VERY COOL! ;)

And my stamps, they are actually going fast! That is sooo much fun!
I might have to order a new shipment!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Here's a layout about my love for water.

Journaling in english:
Ever since I was little I have loved swimming in the water. At summercamp I remember diving into the water as soon as I understood that it was time to get up. That way I would gain a couple of extra minutes in the water. My true element.
Floating around in the water gives me such a fantastic feeling of freedom that I just can't get anywhere else.
In Hawaii I got a PADI-certifitcat and got to experience the most amazing part of this world. Even if I have now calmed down on the whole swimming-passion I am still one of the few to actually dive in when the water is a little too cold.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


This is about my after-lunch-coffee
Got to have it! :)

Clearstamps are of course my own design. So much fun to use! :)

LO removed for publication


Okay, so I've been generally really bad at all the social stuff on the net lately. It's just that - IT'S SUMMER!
Yeah, When you live in a house it's okay if the sun isn't crazy shining all day long, cause you can just go out during those 30 minutes it's actually showing itself.
So, that's what I've done...

Oh, and I've been working on this too... english version might emerge eventually... it's just some clearstamps I've designed and some digital stuff for Wishblade/craftrobo/sillhouette and such.
Check out my little store here.

But yes, I have done som scrapping too. Of course. Not too much though... just enough. :D

Here are the results.

On this one I used a journalingspot from my little store. Drew the flowers myself of course.

This one is cool I think. Put acrylic paint on corrugated paper and turned it over on the CS and got the perfect lines for the background AND journaling!

This was one of those 30-minute layouts i challenged myself to. It's about all the visits I got when I lived in the states and how extremely important they were to me. Journalingspot from my store again. There's hardly any stuff with swedish words on them so I made some. :)

This one also has som journalingspots from my store. This is about how Hannah loves the lottery more then the actual bonfire that goes with this spring-celebration. :)