Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yes, my little collector...
Found this pic the other day, and hadn't seen it for a few years. Fun!

I made the frame with acrylic paint, the journaling is obviously Dymo and for the first time in MONTHS I used my foamstamps!! Wohoo! Fun!
Used fluid chalk for those.
The doodlingframe around the pinecone? I drew it and then made a photoshop-brush with it.

So here's the journaling in english:
You started collecting pinecones and sticks early. Not to mention all the pebbles.
Even as a 10-year-old you still drag home a bunch of stuff.
It's okay.
You got it from me

No scrap but photos

Okay, so it's been raining here. And when it rains, little mushrooms magically appear in our yard. Had to take the camera out for some fresh air when the sun actually showed itself here.

Since the sun WAS out we took the bikes for a ride and ended up eating icecream and looking at cars go by. Yes, that is the activity of choice if you are a twoyearold boy in this house. *sigh*
I had to take a pic of him looking for the bus... he loves buses... got all sad when he didn't get to ride the bus. So we went home, got the stroller, took the bus down to the trains and watched the trains for a halfhour or so. He loves it. You can just totally see his happiness when he gets to do stuff like that. And it's a cheap activity too! :D

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A new-handmedown bike, just for you

I'm somewhat a dork when it comes to my own embellishments. I know that, you can tease me if you want. :D
So today I doodled this template for the overlay and printed on OH-plastic with the laserprinter. Worked like a charm and I think it created this different journaling that kinda draws the eye away from the real crappy photo. THANK YOU whoever invented the digital camera! :D
Wrote the title and painted with distress reinkers... gotta love that.
And splattered paint all over... This was quite a fun LO to make. :)

Journaling goes something like this:
A new-handmedown bike just for you
Catta and Malin came with this great bike for you.
Why you got it I don't know, but you were sooo happy. I fixed it up with some stickers and other stuff ans as soon as the trainingwheels were on, you wanted to try it. About a year later you could ride your bike all by yourself.

Oh, and this morning, this is what I did, before I started scrapping... yeah. They are delicious!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The best place in the world

Samuel in the stroller... loving life. :)
Don't really know when these are taken, will have to find out...

Okay, so here's what I did here.
I used this mesh-material used for making windowscreens to keep bugs out. Smeared it with lots of acrylic paint and then turned it over onto my CS a few times.
Then sewed way too many buttons to still be sane. The heartshaped button I made about a year ago with fimo-clay. Thought it fit here...
Then the journalingspot. My favorite here. I doodled this myself and made into a template for my craft robo (wishblade) and cut that out. Chalked it a little too.

Journaling in english:
The best place in the world
This was your favoritespot your first year. You loved your stroller and slept long and good in it. Even in the snowstorm with 1 DM of snow on top of it.

And a couple of closeups.

Friday, July 6, 2007

A few more

So here's a few more I made.

This first is about a best friend I had. Really miss her. Cut the title with my robo.

This other one is about my son, being bored. Okay so I found out later he did some unmentionable stuff, but hey, I don't scrap #2:s so I scrapped how bored he was. :D This was really hard to come, as it just didn't want to be like I wanted. :D
Journaling reads something like this:
Sometimes you might need to be bored
When we visited grandma & grandpa for midsummer you got full attention almost all the time. Then you might need to be bored for a little while and just do nothing.

And this last one (for today) is about my silly dauhter who just never looks serious in pics. :D
This pic is a few years old, but she looks the same when the camera comes out. :D
Journaling goes something like this:
"Do you even know how to do when you're serious?"
If I remember correctly, we had just gotten a package from grandma with clothes and other cool stuff and I wanted to take a photo of you in that cute blouse to show grandma. This is the best photo of the bunch. But, despite your silly face, I really like this photo since you're standing in front of the measuringthingy on the door so you can kinda see how tall you were at the time.