Friday, February 1, 2008

So, some layouts have been made actually

I'm just a lazy-bum not loading them here. :D

So here goes.

"I dared" about how I dared to leave my profession behind and do something completely different and much less paid, but so much more fulfilling AND not as timeconsuming on my freetime. When I leave work now, I go home and don't think about what I'm gonna do tomorrow... not like programming. Soooo nice!
Cut all the pieces with my craft robo.

Oh, and I'm selling out the stamps in my shop (50% off)... send me a mail if you're interested. peterlina[a]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I made it to the catwalk at SiS!!!!
It really makes me so happy, as I've been doubting my scrapping abilities as of the past few months.
But I'm really feeling the scrap coming back to me. It's such a great feeling... like losing your loved one and then getting him back!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Denim overalls

Here's a little layout I did today. I made a sillhouette-template and cut out that "flowery" thing. :D

And here's my updated scrapspace.
I got some new penholders, that little thing for different stuff like thickers and a new transparent deskcover or what you call it. Sooo happy with this!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yes, very bad updater!

I feel like the worst blogger, but honestly I don't blog much in Swedish either.
Tonight I scrapped again and this time it felt sooo good. The feeling I've been missing.
So, here's tonight's results.

When I see you like this from above (kinda the title of a Swedish song)

But yes, I have been scrapping some. Here are the latest results from the past few weeks.
Why so sad?

The well

Peace & quiet (you can't really see, but it's ghostletters for the title)


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Crop

Well, I'm hosting a little Christmas Crop over at my Swedish blog, and there's some sketches and an ad and this scraplift "Now X-mas without you"

Hannah is in San Fran celebrating with her grandma and cousins. An all american Christmas... that's cool for her, but sucky for me!

Journaling in english:
Today I miss you more than ever. It just isn't christmas without you. I love you!

And the other night I made this real fast layout... "What a disappointment"

This is about how upset Samuel was that he didn't get to open the bag of Cheetos right away. His first store-tantrum.

Journaling in english:
You were so happy about your catch at the store, until we got in the car and you realized that you didn't get to open the bag right away. You were SO sad and got experience your first shoppingdisappointment.

So, I'm hoping to scrap some more today. Yay! I am so glad my inspiration has returned!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

So, my inspiration had left the building...

...but seem to have reappeared now!
So, a couple of weeks ago I made this.

And then, last night, this.

And now I'm off work for two whole weeks and am hoping to scrap like crazy!
I don't think I told you, but I got a job. And I love it!!! It's the best! A little too far away from home, but since I only work 50% it's okay. I LOVE it... really do.
But now I'm off like I said. And my daughter is visiting grandma in San Fran so I don't have to think about entertaining her...
Only son and husband left. And I'm hoping they'll be spending quality-time together so that I can scrap. Scrap and scrap and scrap! :D

Okay... that's all for now. Sweet Joscelyne - thanks for wondering where I've been. I'm just great as you can see! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some inspiration

This is for a new blog that's starting up today.
You have to go check it out. Like right now! :D

The concept is to get inspired by a music video.
This was mine, inspired by Hey Ya by Outkast.
See all the other inspiring layouts and the video right here!

I was obviously inspired by the purple, and the green hearts. The text of course...
see the stamped O:s? They do sing OOooooOOooooOOOOoo so... that's where that comes from. :D