Friday, February 1, 2008

So, some layouts have been made actually

I'm just a lazy-bum not loading them here. :D

So here goes.

"I dared" about how I dared to leave my profession behind and do something completely different and much less paid, but so much more fulfilling AND not as timeconsuming on my freetime. When I leave work now, I go home and don't think about what I'm gonna do tomorrow... not like programming. Soooo nice!
Cut all the pieces with my craft robo.

Oh, and I'm selling out the stamps in my shop (50% off)... send me a mail if you're interested. peterlina[a]


Pallina e Sonia said...

Your style is so inspiring!!!!
Great great job!!!
kisses from Italy!

ScrapKia said...

Sååå fina layouter!! Himmel så duktig du är! :-)