Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm sooo bad at updating here!

But okay, here goes. Here's a whole lot of layouts. No journaling-tr
anslations. Don't have time today. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

This is Hannah at her second birthday. I cut flowers from vellum and added some stickers and rub-ons.

Samuel's only two days old here. Fresh from the hospital! :D
Hadn't seen this pic before, as it's shot by my dad, but now I got it on a CD and what a treat to scrap this! I have drawn and colored the "bubbles" and cut out.

Samuel just refused to swim a couple of weeks ago. We could'nt understand why, as he really likes the water. His Pinga got a dip though and got to ride the big water-carousel at night. :D
Next morning I woke up with strepthroat, and Samuel had it too. No wonder he didn't want to swim!!!

My little kids. I really love them so much. This LO was just for the fun of it... no deep thoughts here. My doodlings too. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007


Samuel loves trains. He could watch them all day long.

Journaling in english:
You're crazy about trains. Trains trains trains. Before preschool you ask for trains, and after preschool you ask for trains, and after you've gone to bed you talk about trains. It's not that you absolutely want to ride the train, your biggest interest is watching the trains go by. This day we took the bus to Älvsjö, the train to Årstaberg, the trolley to Gullmarsplan and then the subway to Medborgarplatsen. A quick visit to grandma and grandpa and then the train back home. The best part was when you got to stand and watch all the trains go by at Älvsjö Station afterwards.

Handpainted heart, dotted circlestamp from HS, ribbon, brads and floss. Handwriting for the journaling and CK typist font for the title, cut with my Robo.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Samuel loves to close beltbuckles, seatbelts, the harness on the stroller... whatever. He loves it. So I had to scrap it too.

I drew hearts, splattered acrylic paint, used some stickers from BG and then some handwriting. The EAN-code-stamp says "I love you" in Swedish.

Journaling is something like this:
It's all about buckles now. Your whole life seems to be about closing as many buckles as possible. Here it's the buckle on the childseat for the bike, but mama's belt, your shoes, seatbelts or the bikehelmet. Everything needs to be closed. And then opened. Problem is that you can't open it yourself, so you need help. And we'll help you, and you hurry and close it. And it starts all over again.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Growing up together

My son and the girl next door. This was kinda a hard LO to do, as they have actually decided to move. There's only 3 weeks difference in age in these two little rascals, so she will be missed.

I drew the tree and colored with distress reinkers. Journaling isn't much but from top to bottom:

Refill at Hannah's
Samuel's watering
Wilma dumps a bucket of water
Are you checking if it grew any?

Sunday, June 3, 2007


So some more scrap. Been sick for a few day. Fever and stuff. Really not fun at all.
But yesterday I was well enough to scrap some! Woho!

So here's a layout about my daughter who's really a handfull right now.

I used acrylic paint mixed with some water and splattered all over the CS. This is kinda how our life feels right now. :D
Flowers are handpainted and colored with distress reinkers and little dots of acrylic paint in the middle. Then some DM on them.
Title is thickers and journaling is handwritten.

Journaling is something like this:

Well, it's actually true. You're really annoying right now. It feels as if nothing I ever do is right. As if I'm the only one trying. Maybe you feel exactly the same way about me? Are we walking around each other?
I understand there's a lot of stuff happening in you life right now. You're that small child, yet you're expected to be big. And I think you really want to be both. Maybe it's the compromise that's making it difficult and that's why you're so annoying? But I still love you! /Mamma