Saturday, April 28, 2007


Here's a little card for my friend who just turned 30 and is having a party tonight.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I've decided that even the old photos from when my daughter was a baby each has a story to tell. I'm going to get better at scrapping these...
SO, here's a first one.

Hannah is about 4 months old. Still peace in the house. At 5½ months she started walking around the furniture - seriously!

I've drawn flowers again, sewingmachine, handwriting, QK studio, two different patterned papers (record for me?) buttons from SEI and some floss.

Journaling reads:
You're 4 months old here and we still have some peace and quiet in the house. At 5½ months you started walking around the furniture and the peace was over. You were early at most things when you were a baby, but I didn't understand that then.
Maybe that was just as well.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Went to a small crop. Or... should we say just some friends meeting to make some scrap.
Yeah, that's it.

Finished 4 layouts, and here's one.
No masterpieces at all, but hey, I don't think I'll ever be able to create another layout like my "new"-LO (with the butterflies and hearts)

So, here's my little niece.
She's adorable.

Journaling isn't hidden, but not obvious either. Like that approach.
Flowers are handcut and painted.
Journaling is handwriting.
Used a cookiecutter I hade (like a little wheel for slicing dough sorta...) for the zigzag lines.
The rest is photoshop. :D

Journaling reads (over and over again) Laughter, Happiness, Joy and then °Sofia, I hope you'll always look as brightly at the future as you seem to do right here, where you're looking out the window at grandpa building.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've digiscrapped!

No, I don't normally do this. But hey, one must try to see if it's something fun.
And no... I don't think so. Too timeconsuming... I want the feel of paper. The creative process of making the embellishments... althoug... I did make the flowers myself actually. I just scanned them in and used them... :D

SO here goes.
My son.

Journaling reads:
I can get stuck in you beautiful blue eyes for hours.
They're magic. Just like you.


I jumped on a challenge at the CKMB called "whitespacechallenge"
Only... I do a lot of LO:s with empty space. So I thought a colorful and somewhat crazy LO would be a great idea. Right?
Or no?
This started out as the ugliest LO I've ever done. It was horrible... really.
Then I got the idea that I might save the sinking ship with some buttons and floss, and you know what... it worked! It's not a masterpiece but it's starting to grow on me actually! :D

So here it is... very orange. It's inspired by a wall I saw here in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago... all orange and with some text on it. Cool.

So. "bus" means "mischief".
Journaling says "You're actually pretty calm, but sometimes even you get into mischief"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More distressing

Yes, I cannot stop. I love the look of distress-colors.
Gotta keep going.

Here's my son. He's 2 days old... tiny fingers holding daddys big hand... *memories*

I've been cutting and coloring again. Little butterflies and hearts was born from my pen...
Used my sewingmachine too. And paintsplatter.
"ny" means "new"

Thanks for looking!


Here's a layout about my son eating icecream.
Journaling is something like this:

Summer came to visit us early this year.
In the middle of april already.
You ran barefoot in the grass and played in the sun.
And of course you also got your first icecream of the year.
And how you loved it!
You held the icecream so nicely with both your hands and licked away at the vanilla icecream.
You could really see how wonderfully delicious you thought this was.
You spent a long time sitting at the little wall by the strawberryplants enjoying your icecream.
And it got warmer and warmer, and it started melting dripping down on your shirt.
But what does that matter?
As long as you were happy.
And you were.
Cause this was the year when summer came to visit in april already.
And in the summer, you get icecream!

I've drawn the stars, painted with distress-reinkers (no really??? ;D) and cut those out.
Title is cut with my CR (Wishblade) and then used as a template to fill in the letters with distress-colors. Font name is Mister Earl.
Journaling is handwriting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lazy days

I sat on the couch last week testing my camera. Gotta learn that thing.
However... I was shooting pictures like crazy on nothing. Or so I thought.
I actually got some cool shots... this is one.

Title is handcut. The doodling is cut with my Craft Robo (wishblade) from the templates that I made.

Besides this, I didn't do much today. Had a fever this morning which turned out to be a migraine. Hate that!
All better now though.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Here's a LO about the poppyfields I saw when I was 14 riding my bike with my dad and brother on an island called Gotland, on the eastcoast of Sweden.
Loved those fields...
And I loved them distressreinkers so I just had to paint some more! Crazy I know!
Did a little Paperpiecing for the Poppy and some sewingmachine.
Acrylic paint behind the pic and some handwriting.
It's great not to always smack a title on your page!

Besides that, my son went on the toilet for the first time today! Yay for him! And yes, being the scrapbooking mother that I am, I ran for the camera! ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been flippin' through pages in my CK top 10 as well as the latest issue and I am totally inspired by C.D. Muckosky. What a scrapper! Wow! She's super talented.

So I made this LO inspired by all the great things she does, and I really like how it turned out. It's very me, yet you can see I've been inspired by C.D.

I've been drawing my usual flowers and then added color with my distress reinkers and water. The title is also handcut and painted with distresscolor. As is the background.
Then added some sewing and that's about it.

Journaling and title is as follows.
Enjoy being a child for as long as you can.
Childhood is the best part of your life.
I'm so proud of you for chosing to play before being cool.
You're so strong!

More robo-doodling

Here's some more robodoodling I made.
If you'd be interested, just mail me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some Robo-doodling

Here's a layout I can't exactly say I like. Mostly because it didn't end up the way I wanted it. Have already changed it once. Very rare for being me.
But what I wanted to show you was the doodling.
It's my own doodling, made into a little file for my Craft Robo to cut out. Think it adds a little something special to the page. :D

So here goes.

And besides that little doodled thingy, I made some more doodles to cut. Just for fun. They look pretty cool cut out!

And in case you have a Craft Robo or a Wishblade, or maybe a Silhouette and feel you want some doodletemplates. Just mail me (karolina[a] and I'd be happy to send these to you. They come in DXF or GSD format.
And no, they're not absolutely symmetrical, I don't want them to be. They should look handcut...


So we're having a cool Elsie-inspired week at Scraputmaningen where I'm part of the DT.
This is a lift of one of Elsie Flannigans cool layouts.

Here's a link to Elsies twopeas-gallery and the LO I lifted

So maybe I need a blog in english

I really don't know, but hey... I'll try.

So, here's a few of my LOs... no particular order... I have MANY LO:s and if you want to see more old ones, you'll have to visit my Swedish blog. :)